Zoeller sump pump guide: review Flow Mate 98 model

Zoeller submersible pumps are heavy duty and high performance multipurpose pumps. These are strong built and sturdy and they work great for removing stormy water from basements, patios and driveways. All Zoeller pumps are factory tested and therefore highly dependable. At Zoeller, you will find a variety of sump pumps based on discharge size and volume capacity.

The Zoeller Flow Mate 98 model is a submersible/effluent pump build of cast iron. The pump casing, motor, switch case, pump base is built of cast iron and to make it even more durable a powder coated epoxy finish is sprayed all over the pump. The mechanically designed vortex impeller is non clogging and allows passing of ½” inch thick semi solids through the pump. The Zoeller 98 model has a high pumping capacity and with a vertical height of 22 feet, it can pump up to 10 Gallons of water per minute. This pump requires only 115 volts of electricity and a ½ HP motor. It has a 15” electrical cord and a permanent split capacitor motor. Some of the key features of this pump are discussed below:

  1. The complete body of the pump is made of cast iron.
  2. There are no screens or metallic parts at the bottom that could corrode. That’s why you can expect to have a great quality sum pump with a sturdy metallic finish.
  3. The motor of Zoeller 98 has an automatic reset option with thermal overload protection. This feature helps you to avoid any potential damaging situation when the pump has been working for a long time and may get heat up. Automatic reset option would help keep the pump working in a good condition without getting overheated.
  4. All the screws, guard, handle, arm and seal assembly are made of stainless steel. The material thus used makes the body good enough to serve you long terms.
  5. Zoeller 98 comes with a warranty of 1 year. And users can easily rely on this product and use it without any worries.
  6. It has an automatic float switch which turns on when the water level rises to 9-1/2” and operates until the water reaches down to 3” inches.

The strong build of this pump makes it durable and long lasting moreover its motor is thermally protected which makes it highly suitable for tough water jobs.

Effluent Pump positives

The Zoeller float Mate 98 has great reviews on Amazon , some of the highlighted attributes are:

  1. It is a robust and Heavy duty sump pump that would be a great one for heavy water removal tasks.
  2. It has no operational noise. There will be no issues and noise produced while working.
  3. The ½ HP motor works great and outperforms most of the 3/4HP motor pumps in the market.
  4. The motor of Zoeller 98 is thermally protected and it would not get heated while working no matter how long you have used it constantly.

Submersible Sump negatives 

Although this pump is great in terms of performance and service, but there are a few drawbacks as well.

  1. The packaging and customer service is not so good. And you may get the package packed irregularly.
  2. The switch of the pump is problematic at times and might need to be replaces.
  3. It is very heavy and not much portable. And due to this, you may have to fix a particular place in order to use. Portability is not an easy option with this product.
  4. The motor oil leaks sometimes. It may lead you to lose the oil and can be harmful to the machine and may cause some issues while functioning.
  5. There is no battery backup.


The Zoeller Float Mate 98 is no doubt a great buy. It is built for longevity and thermally protected motor makes it even more durable. The non clogging feature and mechanically designed vortex impeller makes it overtake several pumps in the market. It would be a great option for a person who need a consistent and efficient solution for water pumping needs. The pump work well in heavy water  removal tasks and can help to make the job hassle free.

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