Wayne Sump Pump: 1/2 Hp pumps review

The Sump Pumps are particularly designed to help your property from getting flooded with the rain or snow water that can seep underneath your house or in the basement. You are at high risk if your house is at a lower elevation or if you are living in a very wet area or where it snows a lot. Even if these conditions are not there, then still it is better to install such a system in your basement for added security and preventive reasons.
The 1/ 2 Horse Power sump pump from Wayne is an excellent option that you have on offer. It is a powerful option with good capacity to chuck out the unwanted water from your basement.

Features of The 1/2 Horse Power sump pump

The following are the most prime features of this Wayne sump pump which are worthy of mentioning here:

  • It is categorized as the pedestal type of sump pump hence it has a stand on which its place for place where you can’t use other types easily.
  • The system generates power equivalent to 1/ 2 HP along with 115 volts.
  • The FPT discharge point is 1-1/ 2 inch which is reasonable enough for quick and a steady flow of water.
  • The pit diameter is 12 inches, which again is a quality measurement. It’s a great feature if you need a high-level suction and maximum water handling.
  • The ON/ OFF levels of the system are fully adjustable.
  • The cord length of the system is 7 feet.

The main advantages that you will get from the Wayne system

There are a number of top advantages associated with the system which are explained below for your convenience:

  • People look for the power capability of the system which determines the performance of such a system for pumping out the power. This one has a capacity of 1/ 2 HP which is quite resourceful to pump out a good amount of water in quick time. You will find it very efficient in pumping out water in heavy amounts easily, quickly and efficiently.
  • As it is a pedestal sump pump so the installation of the system is fairly simple. You will have easy access to the system as it is not too deeply installed in the sump pit. Repairing and maintenance of this option is also fairly simple.
  • The volume of water that a system can chuck out in an hour is the most pivotal consideration when someone is looking for the installation of such system. This one has the ability to pump out 4500 gallons of water per hour.
  • The convenience of the system is there where you have the liberty of controlling or adjusting the ON/ OFF levels very conveniently. It’s very easy to use and handle.
  • The pit diameter size is the one which determines the amount of flow of water from the pump. This one comes with a 12 inch diameter, which is quite handy for domestic purposes and would be helpful for easy suction of water.


The following are its limitations:

  • The float switch metal arm is quite flimsy and vulnerable to easy break. So you should be very careful in using it in order to be problem free. Otherwise a broken float witch may lead to harm the sump pump and also may not serve you the way you need it.
  • The packaging it comes in is a bit lousy where it isn’t firmly placed and rolls a lot which may cause damage upon arrival. You may get some parts loosened or damaged if it is not carried with care.

The pedestal type sump pump is always a good option for limited domestic needs. It is quite resourceful with its 1/ 2 HP motor and 12 inch pit diameter. The switch metal arm which is an essential component is vulnerable to easy break due to its flimsy material. Still, if you need a  sump pump that would serve you for a long time, then you can get this one. It will help you achieve your suction goal much better without getting you into lots of troubles.

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