Pedestal sump pump: Wayne 1/3 hp thermoplastic sump pump review

Superior pump specializes In building light duty residential and commercial pumps. Founded in 1999, superior pump has an extensive history of plumbing experience and they are known for producing high quality at a reasonable price. Superior pumps are considered to be one of the most durable pumps in the market.

The most prominent features of this sump pump system

The Superior pump 92330 model is a submersible pump with a pumping capacity of 40 gallons per minute. Superior pump is listed under the American UL standards of safety and protection. The body of the pump is made from thermoplastic that is corrosion resistant and the automatic float switch takes care of the on/off functions of the pump.

How to install the pump


Whenever the water level rises beyond a certain point, the float switch turns on the pump automatically. The overall function of the pump doesn’t take up too much energy; the motor is powerful but works on 1/3 HP and 4.1 amps of current. This superior pump also has a suction screen at the bottom, which sucks out as much as 1/8th inch of water from the floor and keeps your basement safe from moisture and humidity. Some of the key features of this pump are discussed below:

features of Superior Pump 92330

  1. The pump operates on 1/3 HP Split capacitor motor.
  2. A cooling motor operating at 115V ensures continuous function of the pump.
  3. Pump works in a vertical motion and can lift water up to 25’ inches.
  4. The grounded cord length is 10’.
  5. This pump can also operate as a utility pump by removing the float switch.

The Superior pump group is known for producing high quality sump pumps with outclass functionality. The thermoplastic structure of this sump pump, tethered switch, the high capacity and energy efficient motor ,auto pump functionality, and a large discharge size of up to 1-1/4’ makes a great combination of sump pump for your basement. The manufacturer also offers a warranty of up to 1 year.

The positives about the system

This sump pump has been used by a number of people and it has some great reviews on Amazon.  Most people have agreed that this sump pump came as a lifesaver during the spring and rainy season.

Thermoplastic Sump Pump positives

  1. The pump does not make a noise while operating. So it would be a great choice for those who need a quiet operating system that serves with great efficiency without any hassle.
  2. It is easy to install and operate and would not be a problem to install even by a person who is not an expert.
  3. The automatic float switch ensures that the pump doesn’t burn out. This feature would help you to save your money as you will never be in danger of losing your sump pump due to burn out issue.
  4. The pump is very efficient and it can pump out 7,500 gallons of water in about 3 hours.
  5. It is a multi-purpose pump and if you remove the float switch, it can be used other than the sump pit as well.
  6. It is economical and energy efficient. You can expect a very convenient and energy saving functioning using this one.

Negatives of Sump Pump with Tethered Float

All functional machines come with some drawbacks and loopholes as well. Some of the loopholes found with superior pump are:

  1. The float switch doesn’t work properly sometimes, and you must keep an eye for it on rainy days. Though it is not an issue in dry season, but could be an issue in areas where there is frequent raining sessions.
  2. It is not very durable and runs out after 1.5 years or so.
  3. The user’s manual is not very well written and some directions are missing.
  4. The float is placed too high and it only starts working when the pump is fully submersed in water.

negatives of Superior Pump 92330

The superior pump 923301 is an advanced functionality sump pump and if installed properly, it can work efficiently and powerfully. It has a great pumping capacity and it can pump as low as 1/4th of an inch. All you have to do is to keep an eye on the float switch and make sure that it is not obstructed by anything. Overall it’s a great sump pump for your water pumping needs.

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