Pedestal sump pump: Superior Pump 1/3 HP Cast Iron review

If you want to do any good for the safety of your house in terms of its vulnerability to rainy water penetrating in the basement of your house then make sure that you have a high quality sump pump installed. There are a variety of such systems available where all offer some different features to the homeowners. The Superior Pump 1/ 3 HP Cast Iron Pedestal Sump Pump is one of the finest option you have.

It is a heavy duty system made from cast iron and has all the main features that you wish to see in a high quality and top performing sump pump system. The affordability factor is also there and the quality is good enough to serve you for a good number of years with ease.

 installation pump system

The most prominent features of this sump pump system

There are a number of quality features inculcated in this product which are given as follows:

  • It comes with a reasonably resourceful 1/ 3 HP motor. This motor helps the user to remove the extra water without getting into any hassles. The motor has the ability to provide consistent performance no matter how long you use it until you get all work done.
  • The water pump capability of the system is up to 50 gallons. And it would help you drain out as much water  as you need, without wasting a lot of time.
  • The base of the system is manufactured using cast iron. It makes the pump even more reliable and sturdy for a long time service.
  • It has a perfect drive shaft, that is made from stainless steel material along with a metallic switch arm. It’s good to have this feature as it will make the pump work correctly.
  • It comes with a 10 foot long cord.


The positives about the system

There are plenty of pros associated with this sump pump that make it a best choice for users. Have a look onto the features that are mentioned below:

  • Any sump pump performance with consistency is dependent on the material used for its manufacturing. This one comes with a solid cast iron base. The drive shaft which is a critical component is manufactured from durable stainless steel. It’s a great feature making it very sturdy and efficient to serve you at best.
  • The pedestal type of this sump pump is very easy to install, maintain and troubleshoot. It isn’t too deeply installed and you have the luxury of accessing it with ease for any purpose. You can easily check, manage or make necessary settings.
  • The 1/ 3 Horsepower motor is strong and good enough to chuck out about 50 gallons of water per minute. You would rarely need a system giving better capacity for your domestic use even if you have live in a very low elevated, rainy or snowfall area.
  • The convenience is there in terms of its installation and ease of use when you consider its 10 feet long cord that comes along with the equipment.
  • The heavy duty motor with a 1 ½ inch of discharge would allow for consistent and optimal flow of water.

Superior Pump 92301 features

Superior Pump 92301 negatives 

The following are the major negatives which are questionable for some potential buyers:

  • The control ON/ Off switch on the unit might not be accessible due to the height or congested sump at your house.
  • The check valve of the system might not be easy to locate for the first timers which question the ease of use of this system. So it may require some practice, knowledge or a person’s help who has used this pump befire and can help you locate it easily.


  • Cast iron base
  • Fully adjustable automatic switch
  • Metal switch arm for strength and durability
  • For use with sump basins 12 inches or larger
  • 1-1/2 inch discharge for high capacity pumping

This one altogether is a quality sump pump with nice sturdy built of cast iron along with stainless steel drive shaft. The 1/ 3 HP motor can pump 50 gallons of water per minute. There aren’t many negatives to talk about except of some inconvenience factors.  It’s a perfect sum pump to help you remove water from commercial building or residential places. It would not leave you in trouble and would get the water problem solved within minutes.

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