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A division of Scott Fetzer Company, WAYNE water systems is a lead marketing provider for home based water solutions. They have been manufacturing sump pumps for more than 80 years and provide you a security of dry basements, wells and clean, prepared pools. WAYNE sump pumps are famous for their durability and reliability.


They Wayne VIP 50 is a submersible multipurpose pump used in sump pits, pools and wells. It has a high capacity ½ HP motor and has a pumping volume of 2500 gallons per hour. The anti clogging feature of WAYNE VIP 50 allows to draws  ½ inches thick semi solids and the suction unit at the bottom can easily remove water from up to 1/8th inch of the surface. The overall body of this pump is corrosion resistant and protected with a thermoplastic layer. A float switch can easily be incorporated with this water pump. Some of the key features of WAYNE VIP 50 are discussed below:

  1. It is a portable, utility pump used for removing water from basements, boats, water tanks and other water collection spots.
  2. Its anti clog feature can handle the solid residues in water for a thickness of ½ inch.
  3. The discharge thickness is 1/4th inch and a 3/4th inch garden hose can also be connected with the pump.
  4. It is durable and sturdy designed with an easy access handle.
  5. The WAYNE VIP 50 pump comes with a warranty of 1 year.

The anti clog feature and extended suction capacity makes the WAYNE VIP 50 a win-win combination.  Its multi-purpose functionality and easy adaptability with a float switch makes it all the more useful and practical.


  1. It is long lasting and economical. Can work up to 5 hours and more without heating up. It would be a great one for those who need a heavy working sump pump to be used on a regular basis. This is an ideal one for building and houses where there is a frequent water collection that needs to be removed quickly in heavy amounts.
  2. It is easy to install and operate.so, you will not be needing any advanced technical knowledge while installing it or may need a little help to start to operate it without any problem.
  3. It can be used for various water utilities other than sump pits.
  4. The WAYNE VIP 50 gives a steady stream of water with a garden hose as well. You can use it easily for your needs.
  5. The pump leaves ½ inch of water behind which is its biggest selling point perhaps and it will serve you the best in doing the job perfectly leaving no problems for you after being used.
  6. It doesn’t make any sounds while operating. And it would be a great choice for those who need to get a simple, quiet and smooth working sump pump.

How Wayne VIP50 work ?


  1. The quality of garden hose connector is not so good. So you may get into a troublesome situation when you need a well designed hose for your water pumping needs.
  2. It does not have a built in float switch. This may be a huge drawback and would require your constant supervision in order to use it according to your needs.
  3. The pumping speed is less as compared to other pumps. So it may need a lot of time to remove water from  a huge area.
  4. The bottom of the pump is rather delicate and can break easily so you will have to be careful.
  5. There is no battery backup and you would need a constant electric supply to run it properly.


The WAYNE VIP 50 is a great multipurpose pump and comes in handy for various water based utilities. Whether you have to clean up your pools or empty out the water tanks, it does a great job. This pump is durable and long lasting as compared to many other pumps available in the market and it barely leaves any water behind. If you are looking for an adaptable, powerful pump for several of your water jobs around the house than WAYNE VIP 50 must be your ultimate choice.


The sump pumps come in different variety which poses a great challenge for the potential buyers in choosing the most optimized solution to suit their needs. A lot of people make the mistake by just looking at the features and the reputation of the manufacturer. These are important aspects too, but the people must follow the important steps in the chronological order. The first and the foremost step is always to find the best category of sump pumps.

There are different categories and the selection should be based primarily on your needs and the situation of your house. All have different mechanisms for working and you should first well acquaint yourself with different types before taking the decision. Knowing about the working, effectiveness and shortcomings of all the types will keep you in a better position to take your final decision.

The primary sump pumps category


The primary sump pumps are also known as the standard sump pumps which you will usually see in different houses. They are powerful systems which can take the bulk of water pumping workload. They are ideally designed for pumping up the seepage water, which has penetrated into the basement of your house. They can work in extreme weather conditions and you can trust them to keep your house safe from persistent rainfall and heavy melting of the snow.

They are capable of chucking out more than a thousand gallons of water in an hour for the purpose of keeping your home totally safe and dry. The primary sump pumps are essentially of 2 distinct types, namely, pedestal and the submersible sump pumps. The submersible types are usually installed in the sump pump basin under water.

On the other side, the pedestal types are installed with their motor out of the water and that means above the basin of the sump pump. They are ideal for small size basins as only the base of the equipment is in the water and not the motor. So would be able to use it in small places rather than  large areas to pump out large amount of water.

Recommendation primary sump pumps:

1. Superior Pump 92301 1/3 HP Cast Iron Pedestal Pump – REVIEW
2. Zoeller 98-0001 115-Volt 1/2 Submersible Sump/Effluent Pump – REVIEW
3. Red Lion RL-250U 1500 GPH 1/4 HP 115 V Submersible Aluminum Utility Pump – REVIEW

Battery Backup

They add to the safety of your house where they are used as a backup option, in case your primary pump fails or it is insufficient to tackle a particular situation. The primary sump pumps are powered through electricity, so in severe weather conditions, power outage is a norm. The backup pumps are ideally designed with a battery system so that they can work without depending on the electricity. It is automatically triggered when there is a blackout or the main unit has stopped performing due to some issue.

Some of the latest models are also capable of texting or emailing you in case of any flooding emergency situation, if you are away or maybe unaware at home due to sleep, in case of the activation of your battery backup system. The battery backup systems can operate either independently and also as a combination with a primary sump pump system. However, the performance or the runtime of the battery is the major concern that needs to be checked thoroughly before trusting this type of pump. You can rely on this one  as a back up help.

Recommendation top 10 battery backup sump pump – REVIEW


The sewage types of pumps are incomparable with the traditional sump pumps. However, they are capable of replacing any traditional sump pump. They are ideally designed for dealing with the sewage waste and they discharge the seepage waste from your home to the septic system. They are good with dealing solid objects too, up to 2 inches. This probably is the major difference between a traditional and a sewage sump pump. Further, they run automatically, once they are installed at the  adequate location in the basement.

Now, it’s your job to decide about the category of the sump pump you would prefer to buy.  The decisions should be based on the needs and ease of use. It’s better, if you know all the extreme conditions you’ll have to face and would need help from your sump pump. Different categories offer various features and you can choose that attracts you the most.

Zoeller submersible pumps are heavy duty and high performance multipurpose pumps. These are strong built and sturdy and they work great for removing stormy water from basements, patios and driveways. All Zoeller pumps are factory tested and therefore highly dependable. At Zoeller, you will find a variety of sump pumps based on discharge size and volume capacity.


The Zoeller Flow Mate 98 model is a submersible/effluent pump build of cast iron. The pump casing, motor, switch case, pump base is built of cast iron and to make it even more durable a powder coated epoxy finish is sprayed all over the pump. The mechanically designed vortex impeller is non clogging and allows passing of ½” inch thick semi solids through the pump. The Zoeller 98 model has a high pumping capacity and with a vertical height of 22 feet, it can pump up to 10 Gallons of water per minute. This pump requires only 115 volts of electricity and a ½ HP motor. It has a 15” electrical cord and a permanent split capacitor motor. Some of the key features of this pump are discussed below:

  1. The complete body of the pump is made of cast iron.
  2. There are no screens or metallic parts at the bottom that could corrode. That’s why you can expect to have a great quality sum pump with a sturdy metallic finish.
  3. The motor of Zoeller 98 has an automatic reset option with thermal overload protection. This feature helps you to avoid any potential damaging situation when the pump has been working for a long time and may get heat up. Automatic reset option would help keep the pump working in a good condition without getting overheated.
  4. All the screws, guard, handle, arm and seal assembly are made of stainless steel. The material thus used makes the body good enough to serve you long terms.
  5. Zoeller 98 comes with a warranty of 1 year. And users can easily rely on this product and use it without any worries.
  6. It has an automatic float switch which turns on when the water level rises to 9-1/2” and operates until the water reaches down to 3” inches.

The strong build of this pump makes it durable and long lasting moreover its motor is thermally protected which makes it highly suitable for tough water jobs.


The Zoeller float Mate 98 has great reviews on Amazon , some of the highlighted attributes are:

  1. It is a robust and Heavy duty sump pump that would be a great one for heavy water removal tasks.
  2. It has no operational noise. There will be no issues and noise produced while working.
  3. The ½ HP motor works great and outperforms most of the 3/4HP motor pumps in the market.
  4. The motor of Zoeller 98 is thermally protected and it would not get heated while working no matter how long you have used it constantly.


Although this pump is great in terms of performance and service, but there are a few drawbacks as well.

  1. The packaging and customer service is not so good. And you may get the package packed irregularly.
  2. The switch of the pump is problematic at times and might need to be replaces.
  3. It is very heavy and not much portable. And due to this, you may have to fix a particular place in order to use. Portability is not a an easy option with this product.
  4. The motor oil leaks sometimes. It may lead you to lose the oil and can be harmful to the machine and may cause some issues while functioning.
  5. There is no battery backup.


The Zoeller Float Mate 98 is no doubt a great buy. It is built for longevity and thermally protected motor makes it even more durable. The non clogging feature and mechanically designed vortex impeller makes it overtake several pumps in the market. It would be a great option for a person who need a consistent and efficient solution for water pumping needs. The pump work well in heavy water  removal tasks and can help to make the job hassle free.


The modern sump pumps available today have made our lives a lot easier and simpler. Now, we can go on a holiday with ease by knowing that an enormously productive thing has been installed in the basement of the house to make it safe from flooding due to rain or snow melting water.  Lots of people have found their basement penetrated with water, which not only damages the foundation of their house, but also puts a lot of your valuable electronic and furniture items at risk. The pedestal type is the most common and highly preferred type of sump pump to use at home. The Zoeller 585-0005 is a pedestal type system which comes with a battery backup that makes it a top option to use at home while you are away from the house.

The features

This Zoeller 585-0005 sump pump system provides users with a lot of high value features which surely have their class apart. If you are planning to go for a holiday with severe weather, threats of raining or snow, then this exuberant product can act as your secondary sump pump which will give extra protection and support to the primary one especially when it fails. It is a battery operated system which wouldn’t get interrupted at all if there is a power failure that causes the primary product to stop its functioning.

The battery backup system is highly reliable and top quality which you can trust with ease. The enormously heavy duty sump pump comes with a powerful 12 Volts motor and a useful contact float switch for controlling the operation. The product also comes along with a top quality automatic 28 amp electronic charger. All these features collectively make it a top quality pedestal type sump pump which is reliable and can be trusted to serve you for a long time.

In case you are in search of a high quality sum pump that would be a hassle free solution for your water pumping needs then it can be the best choice for your usage.


The following are the most notable pros of the system:

  • The best advantage is its pedestal sump pump type which you will find it extremely easy to install, maintain and troubleshoot in case of any problem. It is very easy to install and maintain at any place. You can easily place it in the required area and it would not be a hassle for you in any way.
  • The contact float switch makes it very easy to operate system even if it is installed in some tight, deep or congested area in the basement.
  • It is a battery operated system which is independent of the electricity source which in itself is a huge advantage. It will give you convenience when you are going away for a holiday where your electrical pump can deceive you.
  • It comes with a 28 amp automatic electronic charger which manages its charge itself without making any trouble for you.


The following are the cons of the Zoeller sump pump:

  • The limited battery time makes it a limited choice which can only be used as a backup and not as a primary option. So adding a battery would not leave you tension free and its doesn’t support the pump for longer period of time.
  • The longevity of the motor is questionable, which may malfunction due to burnout. So if you need it to be your companion for a longer period of time, then you should be taking care of it on a regular basis. Otherwise, it may get faulty or malfunctioned if got dripped.


In a specific way, it is the top most option that many of us have in hand. It is a battery based system which can be used an easy backup in case of power failure of your primary source and especially when you are away from house. In addition to it back up battery available it is a great sum pump in all the ways it can serve you where you need a pedestal sum pump for water pumping needs.

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