Best sump pump review: Little Giant VS-P2800 overview

The sump pumps are available in a number of different types but the pedestal sump pump is the best option particularly for limited domestic use. The Little Giant VS-P2800 is a top option in a number of ways for the users. It has all the top features that one would look in for a high quality sump pump system for domestic use. The overall value with its affordable price makes it one of the finest systems to invest in your hard earned money. The system is powerful enough to be used for moderate commercial duty as well. It is a reliable system which you can trust to serve your seamlessly without having any issues where a discontinuity in its operation could cause a trouble. Keeping in mind that it has features that would inspire you to buy it and also has some points to be taken care of. You can get a clear idea after going through the details and it would help you decide and buy this one for you.

 Little Giant VS-P2800 Features

The features of this incredible Little Giant VS-P2800 sump pump are very much attention grabbing with a lot of value, advantage and comfort for the user. This one has a 1/ 3 Horsepower motor which is powerful enough to chuck out 47 gallons of water within a minute at 3 feet of head. It is a 115 Volt system that operates at a frequency of 60Hz.

The manufacturer has given top consideration on its designing and performance where this one offers continuous performance with no discontinuity issues reported at all. The ABS plastic volute is used to provide this sump pump with a totally corrosion free material which will add to your peace of mind. The manufacturer has also provided with an adjustable and highly productive snap action float switch to handle it with ease and convenience.

These features make this sump pump a good one for those who need to pump out the water quickly in huge amounts. It’s very affordable and would be a great buy for those who need an affordable and cheap solution for their water pumping needs.

Good Sides of the pump

This sump pump from little giant has got quite a few advantages and positives which will highly impress the potential buyer to invest in. The following are some of the top positives and pros of this quality sump pump system:

  • The people demand such systems to be powerful which can easily look after all their water pumping needs with ease. It comes with a powerful 1/ 3 Horsepower motor which can easily look after the domestic needs and can also be used for moderate commercial use.
  • The water chucking capacity is an important feature to consider and this one will chuck at the rate of 47 GPM.
  • It can be easily used as your primary source and can work on continuous basis.
  • This pedestal type is easy to install and troubleshoot. You can control it with ease using the flexible snap action float switch.
  • The ABS plastic volute would make it completely free from corrosion. It is again a special consideration after determining the nature of the job and positioning of your sump pump in the basement.

Pump’s disavantages

It has just the following couple of cons:

  • The motor seems to be a bit unreliable where there are doubts if it will last long or not. So if you are looking for long lasting and sturdy sump pump, then it would not be a good choice for you. It may lead you towards confusion and uncertainty regarding the durability of the sump pump.

The system with its unreliability is hard to trust when you are away from home and there is a possibility of electric failure. And due to this issue you may not be able to rely on the sump pump when you have to stay out of your home frequently. It would lead you towards loss of your money.

Should I buy sump pump VS-P2800

Thus sump pump from Little Giant has got excellent water chucking capability and comes with a good strong moor as well. The system is easy to install and use with convenience in its troubleshooting as well.

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