Best sump pump review: guide for liberty pump 260

Sky is the limit when you are considering the varieties available in the sump pumps fraternity. First, you have to be sure about the type of sump pump according to your needs and preferences and then it comes to the main features which are present in the system. There are plenty of them and you have to find out the best one which suits your needs and has got the potential of serving you flawlessly for at least a decade if not more.

The 1/ 6 Horsepower system from Liberty Pumps manufacturer is a submersible type which has got the capability of serving a lot of domestic water pumping needs with ease. It is a relatively newer option in the market, but the online reviews about this product are quite excellent from everyone who has used the system.

Features Liberty Pumps260

The sump pump has got some really amazing and cool features to please the homeowners and also give them the peace of mind if they go on with purchasing this system for their needs. It has a useful thermoplastic body which is known not only for protecting the product from corrosion, but also resist the unit from any kind of impact or stress. The motor has a 1/ 6 Horsepower capacity and there is a discharge pump hose of 3/ 4 inch. The 8 feet power cord is there for easy access and control of the system. There is also a removable filter screen which also has its perks in the maintenance concerns of the product. The manufacturer also equipped it with the mechanism of giving a thermal overload protection.

Positive sides of the pump

The system has an enormous list of the pros which are given as follows:

  • The system is very easy to clean and maintain which is something that every homeowner looks for. It has a removable bottom filter which can be very convenient in cleaning and will also increase the productivity if you are regular about such cleaning tasks. The manufacturer has designed a self cleaning trash type of an impeller design which further complements the ease and convenience in maintenance/ cleaning.
  • The 8 feet long power cord is good enough to get access and control of the equipment in any type of domestic installation. You can use it easily at your place reaching to every limit where you need to help you out in pumping out water.
  • The users will have the peace of mind with its thermoplastic built which is stress free and also non corrosion. It would last and work longer as compared to the other that are made of metal body because there would be no destruction cause to the body of the pump while stying constantly damp or water filled places. It will not get corroded or damaged and would be ale to stand out for you and serve for long terms.
  • It comes with a 2 years warranty as well which will give you the confidence to make an easy purchase of this affordable product.
  • It weighs 16.9 pounds which is light enough for easy portability.

Waht are the disadvantages of the Liberty Pumps

There are a few cons which are given as follows:

  • It is a very limited system with a motor of just 1/ 6 HP and that wouldn’t be useful for some serious domestic water pumping from the basement. So if you need a heavy duty pump, then you may have to consider another option as it would not be able to help in working for heavy water removals and may leave you in trouble.
  • There isn’t any ON/ OFF switch with the system and the users have to plug in and out the cord each time they have to use it which can be very frustrating and time consuming. It can also be a hassle for those who are very conscious about the safety issues and may need safer solution to their water oumping needs.

Sump Pump Usage

The sump pump is useful for limited needs and the price is well in accordance with its features. The issue is with its limited motor size and there is not ON/ OFF switch on the power cord for easy control access of the equipment.

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