Best Sump Pump review Liberty 257: Cast Iron Automatic system

Liberty Pumps are famous for their rugged build and dependable performance. These pumps are designed carefully keeping in mind the technical requirements of a sump pit and thus leaves no chance of failure. This model of liberty pumps is considered as “workhorse” by liberty pumps and is built in a single piece cast iron body. This sump pump requires a sump pit of 10 inch diameter and is most suitable for effluent pumping or basement de watering.

The sum pump has a 10 foot long, quick disconnect power cord while the powder coat finishing, in addition to the cast iron body, makes it durable and long lasting. It requires 115 Volts to operate and has a motor of 1/3 HP. The motor is oil filled and thermally protected. The vertical magnetic float has three switch options and works great for smaller pits as well. This pump has an anti-clogging feature as well. The vortex impeller is designed for proper handling of solids and semi-solids. The pump can take upto ½” inch thick mud granules and the discharge width is 1-1/2”.The handler, screws and rotor shaft is made up of stainless steel.

Liberty 257 pump Features 

  1. The float switch is automatic and can be adjusted for the three different levels.
  2. This sump pump can pump up to 50 GPM of water.
  3. It has a maximum discharge head of 21-foot.
  4. It can easily handle solids of ½” thickness.
  5. This pump is energy efficient; it can reduce energy consumption up to 40%. So if you need an energy efficient solution for your water pumping needs then it would definitely be a great choice for your water pumping tasks.
  6. The liberty 257 comes with a warranty of 3 years. And you can rely on the pump for a long period of time without getting into any troubles.

liberty pump specification

The single piece cast iron body combined with a 1/3 HP energy efficient motor and vortex impeller makes this pump a great product of liberty pumps.

Best sides of the pump

The Liberty 257 pump has been used by a number of people and it has some great user reviews on Amazon. Some of its key success points are:

  1. It is easy to install and operate. So you will not have to get into any problems in sorting out its operation. You can easily get it installed and ready to start working.
  2. It has three levels for VMF (Vertical Magnetic Float Design) float switch and thus easily operates with all sizes of sump pits.
  3. The motor is energy efficient, but durable and thermally protected.
  4. It has no operational noise. You will get a soft and easy running sump pump that operates quietly without creating any disturbance or annoying noise.
  5. The packaging and customer service is great. You will get a perfectly packed pump sent to you in a safe packaging to ensure that it would not get damaged in any way while its sent to you.

Sump Pump’s problems

All mechanical machines have a few shortcomings and it is always good to keep them in mind before purchasing a product.

✖ The float differential is smaller as compared to other pumps and thus pumps out lesser water at a time.

✖It is a little expensive as compared to other pumps in the market. So you may have to burden your pocket a little extra for this sump pump.

✖It is heavy and not much portable.

✖The motor oil can leak unexpectedly. It may cause a hazard to the mechanical efficiency of the sump pump. And you should be very careful to check out for this issue on and off in order to make it sure that the pump doesn’t lose its lubricant and work perfectly.

✖Continuous usage of Liberty sum pumpcan cause thermal overload relay problems.


All mechanical machines require proper usage and maintenance and if used properly, the Liberty sump pump is a great choice for de-watering your basements or pools. Its single piece cast iron body, mechanical vortex impeller and a multi-level float switch gives it an edge over other sump pumps in the market.

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