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As the name suggests, a sump pump is the pump used to remove water from sumps usually found at the basement of the house.  It serves to keep the basement and foundations of the house dry to prevent seepage which not only damages the building, but even the repair work may turn out to be very costly.  The issue is very common in houses where the water table lies above the foundation of the house or in areas which have heavy rainfall. It also becomes very vital when the snow begins to melt and there is a chance of flooding. Its main job is to pull the water out of the pit at the basement of your house and drain it to the garden or any other area away from the house.

A sump pump may sit in your house for a long period of time, unused and untouched; but when you need it, you need it immediately. Though it does not need a very high level of care and repair, it is better to keep it in checked and maintained to avoid any hassle later. Here are a few things that need to be taken care of:

1. Check the power cord:

It is safer to check the power supply for the pump when t is not in use. Make sure the power supply is working properly and the cord is in adequate condition. Reset the GFCI and Do check the circuit breaker every once in a while for proper functioning. It would be helpful for safe work with your machine and better for both you and your set up also.

2. Make sure it is properly fixed:

Too much use over a certain period of time may cause the shaft to tilt or move from its original position. Make sure it is set in its upright position, and fix immediately if not. Because whenever  a sump pump is not properly fixed or has a fault in placement or has a drifting place then it could be dangerous as well as disturbing for the functionality as well as the efficiency of the sump pump. Correct installation and placement are the basics of making a sump pump work at its best.

3. Checking the float valve:

A float valve is the key component of a sump pump.  In automatic sump pumps, the float determines when the pimp is switched on/off. As the water in the pit rises and touches the float, it turns the pump on to drain the water out of the pit. Every so often, pour water in the pit to make sure that the float starts automatically and shuts off when this water is drawn off. If it does, well and good, and if it does not, get it mended.

4. Lubrication of its parts:

Do check the pump bearings if they require any lubrication and oiling. Your user’s manual will give you adequate information about your specific model.

5. Cleaning the pit:

The soil, mud and debris from the water is the major cause of clogging and faulty floats. The problem is far greater in areas which have heavy rainfall and there is a greater probability of floods.  The excess amount of trash may greatly affect the efficiency of the pump. So, it needs to be cleaned regularly, especially when the pump is in continuous use.  Cleaning the pump would result into increased efficiency through eliminating any debris or scales and also if there is muddy water to be pumped you should be cleaning it regularly.

6. Servicing the pump:

It is greatly suggested to remove the pump from the sump at least once in a year and get it cleaned thoroughly, so it can last for longer years.  Through this practice your sump pump would serve you long terms without getting you into too many hassles and would be more efficient as its power would get lost with the passage of time.

7. Cleaning the screen and the impeller:

If you find the pump does not working properly, check it for any debris stuck inside the impeller. Remove the pump and disassemble it and clean the impeller and fix it again.

All these tips may help to give your pump a longer life and your house a better safety.


The sump pumps come in different variety which poses a great challenge for the potential buyers in choosing the most optimized solution to suit their needs. A lot of people make the mistake by just looking at the features and the reputation of the manufacturer. These are important aspects too, but the people must follow the important steps in the chronological order. The first and the foremost step is always to find the best category of sump pumps.

There are different categories and the selection should be based primarily on your needs and the situation of your house. All have different mechanisms for working and you should first well acquaint yourself with different types before taking the decision. Knowing about the working, effectiveness and shortcomings of all the types will keep you in a better position to take your final decision.

The primary sump pumps category


The primary sump pumps are also known as the standard sump pumps which you will usually see in different houses. They are powerful systems which can take the bulk of water pumping workload. They are ideally designed for pumping up the seepage water, which has penetrated into the basement of your house. They can work in extreme weather conditions and you can trust them to keep your house safe from persistent rainfall and heavy melting of the snow.

They are capable of chucking out more than a thousand gallons of water in an hour for the purpose of keeping your home totally safe and dry. The primary sump pumps are essentially of 2 distinct types, namely, pedestal and the submersible sump pumps. The submersible types are usually installed in the sump pump basin under water.

On the other side, the pedestal types are installed with their motor out of the water and that means above the basin of the sump pump. They are ideal for small size basins as only the base of the equipment is in the water and not the motor. So would be able to use it in small places rather than  large areas to pump out large amount of water.

Recommendation primary sump pumps:

1. Superior Pump 92301 1/3 HP Cast Iron Pedestal Pump – REVIEW
2. Zoeller 98-0001 115-Volt 1/2 Submersible Sump/Effluent Pump – REVIEW
3. Red Lion RL-250U 1500 GPH 1/4 HP 115 V Submersible Aluminum Utility Pump – REVIEW

Battery Backup

They add to the safety of your house where they are used as a backup option, in case your primary pump fails or it is insufficient to tackle a particular situation. The primary sump pumps are powered through electricity, so in severe weather conditions, power outage is a norm. The backup pumps are ideally designed with a battery system so that they can work without depending on the electricity. It is automatically triggered when there is a blackout or the main unit has stopped performing due to some issue.

Some of the latest models are also capable of texting or emailing you in case of any flooding emergency situation, if you are away or maybe unaware at home due to sleep, in case of the activation of your battery backup system. The battery backup systems can operate either independently and also as a combination with a primary sump pump system. However, the performance or the runtime of the battery is the major concern that needs to be checked thoroughly before trusting this type of pump. You can rely on this one  as a back up help.

Recommendation top 10 battery backup sump pump – REVIEW


The sewage types of pumps are incomparable with the traditional sump pumps. However, they are capable of replacing any traditional sump pump. They are ideally designed for dealing with the sewage waste and they discharge the seepage waste from your home to the septic system. They are good with dealing solid objects too, up to 2 inches. This probably is the major difference between a traditional and a sewage sump pump. Further, they run automatically, once they are installed at the  adequate location in the basement.

Now, it’s your job to decide about the category of the sump pump you would prefer to buy.  The decisions should be based on the needs and ease of use. It’s better, if you know all the extreme conditions you’ll have to face and would need help from your sump pump. Different categories offer various features and you can choose that attracts you the most.

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