Best Sumps Overview: Basement Watchdog 1050 overview

The sump pump should always be the first thing in your mind when the structure of your house is ready and you are looking to equip it with the essential house stuff. If you are moving in a new property on rent or otherwise, then again you have to check whether it has the sump pump or not.

This equipment becomes even more important if you are a resident of some heavy rain hit area or your house is situated down of some elevation. The BW1050 Sump Pump from Basement Watchdog is one of the finest products that you can think about. It has got all the ingredients to look after the potential needs of your house and can also be used on a much bigger scale considering its sturdiness and top performance. З

Pump Features

This product from Basement Watchdog comes with some amazing features. There are a couple of float switches which comes with excellent protective cage considering the nature of the job and the place for their installation. The ½ HP sump pump system strength wise is one of the best and rated with the industrial strength to serve a variety of purposes in a number of different settings. The system has a resourceful pump giving continuous, reliable duty which is built to last for a long time. The pump has the capacity of throwing out 2200 gallons of water per hour, which is more than what you will need in your house even in worse conditions

sump pump features

THe Unique Selling Point of the system is its super-efficient Permanent Split Capacitor Motor (PSC) which has got the power and the resources to perform the job at a much higher scale. The 10 feet long power cord is amazing and useful to make the installation and then control the system with ease. The system offers vertical discharge of water that gives considerably narrower footprints to fit in the sump pits which are as small as just 7 inches in diameter.

Advantages of the Sump Pumps

There are some fantastic pros to look for in the system which are described below:

  • People want performance from such systems which is guaranteed with this system using its industrial strength PSC motor which is known to last for a long time.
  • The chucking capacity for water is great to be at 2200 gallons in an hour. So you can easily rely on this sum pump for a better and full thrust water removal. It has the capacity to work for longer period of time and would not leave you in any issues.
  • The sump pumps are installed in the basement which may be difficult to access if they don’t come with some supporting features. This one has a useful dual floating switch system along with a protective cage which makes it very convenient to control. Moreover, the 10 feet long cord further adds to the convenience.
  • The system is intelligently designed and despite having a small diameter, the system isn’t vulnerable to clogging of any sort.
  • The ½ HP motor is there which is more than enough for any kind of domestic needs. You can use this sump pump for any task that need quick solution for a heavy duty water pumping task.

Concerns of the pumps

There are a few concerns in the form of cons which are mentioned below:

  • The float switches are not that ideally placed as they should be especially in some of the situations where they seems to be impractical to use. There can be some issue related to the float switches and you might look for other solutions in order to get it to the right position.
  • There are a few concerns about the finishing of the system where some screws are found to fall off very easily. So it may feel flimsy for some people who need a firm and sturdy sum pumps that can work without getting its screws lost or fall a part.


This is one of the finest products having a powerful ½ HP motor. The capacity is good with strong built. The only significant issue is with the location of its float switches which are not adequately placed to please everyone.


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