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The sump pump should always be the first thing in your mind when the structure of your house is ready and you are looking to equip it with the essential house stuff. If you are moving in a new property on rent or otherwise, then again you have to check whether it has the sump pump or not. This equipment becomes even more important if you are a resident of some heavy rain hit area or your house is situated down of some elevation. The BW1050 Sump Pump from Basement Watchdog is one of the finest products that you can think about. It has got all the ingredients to look after the potential needs of your house and can also be used on a much bigger scale considering its sturdiness and top performance.


This product from Basement Watchdog comes with some amazing features. There are a couple of float switches which comes with excellent protective cage considering the nature of the job and the place for their installation. The ½ HP sump pump system strength wise is one of the best and rated with the industrial strength to serve a variety of purposes in a number of different settings. The system has a resourceful pump giving continuous, reliable duty which is built to last for a long time. The pump has the capacity of throwing out 2200 gallons of water per hour, which is more than what you will need in your house even in worse conditions.TH e Unique Selling Point of the system is its super efficient Permanent Split Capacitor Motor (PSC) which has got the power and the resources to perform the job at a much higher scale. The 10 feet long power cord is amazing and useful to make the installation and then control the system with ease. The system offers vertical discharge of water that gives considerably narrower footprints to fit in the sump pits which are as small as just 7 inches in diameter.


There are some fantastic pros to look for in the system which are described below:

  • People want performance from such systems which is guaranteed with this system using its industrial strength PSC motor which is known to last for a long time.
  • The chucking capacity for water is great to be at 2200 gallons in an hour. So you can easily rely on this sum pump for a better and full thrust water removal. It has the capacity to work for longer period of time and would not leave you in any issues.
  • The sump pumps are installed in the basement which may be difficult to access if they don’t come with some supporting features. This one has a useful dual floating switch system along with a protective cage which makes it very convenient to control. Moreover, the 10 feet long cord further adds to the convenience.
  • The system is intelligently designed and despite having a small diameter, the system isn’t vulnerable to clogging of any sort.
  • The ½ HP motor is there which is more than enough for any kind of domestic needs. You can use this sump pump for any task that need quick solution for a heavy duty water pumping task.


There are a few concerns in the form of cons which are mentioned below:

  • The float switches are not that ideally placed as they should be especially in some of the situations where they seems to be impractical to use. There can be some issue related to the float switches and you might look for other solutions in order to get it to the right position.
  • There are a few concerns about the finishing of the system where some screws are found to fall off very easily. So it may feel flimsy for some people who need a firm and sturdy sum pumps that can work without getting its screws lost or fall a part.


This is one of the finest products having a powerful ½ HP motor. The capacity is good with strong built. The only significant issue is with the location of its float switches which are not adequately placed to please everyone.



A lot of things need to be considered when looking for an ideal sump pump to address all your domestic water pumping needs of the basement. There are different types and the challenge becomes even stiffer when the homeowner has to deal with a lot of different types of products with different features and different marketing gimmicks of the manufacturer. The best approach is to read out the top reliable reviews of the top products and the LSP0311AT submersible pump from Gould Pumps is just one of them with superb quality and class in performance. In many types of domestic settings, this one has proved itself to be a quality option that can be used for a long time to come. The manufacturer has produced a quality but limited system and has given special consideration to the finer details.


There are a number of incredible features to talk about in this sump pump by Gould Pumps. First of all, it is about the manufacturing of the system which is by the stainless steel material. The other types of material that are involved in the interior construction of the product are plastic and rubber which are very adequately used. It is silver in color and has a reasonably resourceful motor of 0.33 HP. The outlet connection size is of 1.25 inches and the outlet connection type that is used is the NPRT thread with a NPT connector of course. The overall height of the unit is 12 inches and the overall width is 7 inches which makes it a nice compact system but a reasonably powerful one for a number of needs of pumping water at home. This electrical motor type uses 115 volts and has the upper limit of temperature to be at 104 Degree Fahrenheit. The maximum feet of the head is 21 and the sump pump has got the ability to chuck out 36 gallons of water from the basement in one minute.


There are quite a few exciting and useful pros associated with this sump pump which are as follows:

  • The performance is the main thing to look after first and this has a good quality 0.33 hp motor which is reliable to perform over a long time. It has the capacity to deal with the chucking of 36 gallons of water per minute.
  • The stainless steel built of the system makes it totally corrosion or rust resistant. You can easily place it into the places where there is a frequent accumulation of water and where it has to be used on a constant basis. The body of the sum pump and the metal used in its manufacturing makes it completely resistant to corrosion caused by water and it would be a durable pump for you to use and make it a long term investment.
  • The system as a whole is lightweight, easy to install, easy to service and portable. So no worries associated with it use.
  • The ball bearing construction of the product at the upper and lower parts is of heavy duty material which endorses the reliability of the sump pump.
  • The exceptional performance of the platform is complemented by the glass filled thermoplastic type of casing and the impeller.


The following are those cons that might be strong enough to influence your decision about this product:

  • The 1/ 3 HP of motor cannot be ideal for extremely heavy rain-hit areas due to its limited capacity.
  • There has been some issues find with the clogging of the limited size hose.


The item is excellent for a limited range of needs. The lightweight design with stainless steel construction is excellent for corrosion resistance and it also reliable to perform well for decades. The issues are with its clogging, which may be a possibility in some settings. Overall it would be the best option for your water pumping needs and would be able to help you out when you have a lot to do in terms of pumping out extra water frequently. You would find this sump pump as your reliable companion and you can operate it easily without getting into any issues.


Liberty Pumps are famous for their rugged build and dependable performance. These pumps are designed carefully keeping in mind the technical requirements of a sump pit and thus leaves no chance of failure. This model of liberty pumps is considered as “workhorse” by liberty pumps and is built in a single piece cast iron body. This sump pump requires a sump pit of 10 inch diameter and is most suitable for effluent pumping or basement de watering.

The sum pump has a 10 foot long, quick disconnect power cord while the powder coat finishing, in addition to the cast iron body, makes it durable and long lasting. It requires 115 Volts to operate and has a motor of 1/3 HP. The motor is oil filled and thermally protected. The vertical magnetic float has three switch options and works great for smaller pits as well. This pump has an anti-clogging feature as well. The vortex impeller is designed for proper handling of solids and semi-solids. The pump can take upto ½” inch thick mud granules and the discharge width is 1-1/2”.The handler, screws and rotor shaft is made up of stainless steel.


  1. The float switch is automatic and can be adjusted for the three different levels.
  2. This sump pump can pump up to 50 GPM of water.
  3. It has a maximum discharge head of 21-foot.
  4. It can easily handle solids of ½” thickness.
  5. This pump is energy efficient; it can reduce energy consumption up to 40%. So if you need an energy efficient solution for your water pumping needs then it would definitely be a great choice for your water pumping tasks.
  6. The liberty 257 comes with a warranty of 3 years. And you can rely on the pump for a long period of time without getting into any troubles.

The single piece cast iron body combined with a 1/3 HP energy efficient motor and vortex impeller makes this pump a great product of liberty pumps.


The Liberty 257 pump has been used by a number of people and it has some great user reviews on Amazon. Some of its key success points are:

  1. It is easy to install and operate. So you will not have to get into any problems in sorting out its operation. You can easily get it installed and ready to start working.
  2. It has three levels for VMF (Vertical Magnetic Float Design) float switch and thus easily operates with all sizes of sump pits.
  3. The motor is energy efficient, but durable and thermally protected.
  4. It has no operational noise. You will get a soft and easy running sump pump that operates quietly without creating any disturbance or annoying noise.
  5. The packaging and customer service is great. You will get a perfectly packed pump sent to you in a safe packaging to ensure that it would not get damaged in any way while its sent to you.


All mechanical machines have a few shortcomings and it is always good to keep them in mind before purchasing a product.

  1. The float differential is smaller as compared to other pumps and thus pumps out lesser water at a time.
  2. It is a little expensive as compared to other pumps in the market. So you may have to burden your pocket a little extra for this sump pump.
  3. It is heavy and not much portable.
  4. The motor oil can leak unexpectedly. It may cause a hazard to the mechanical efficiency of the sump pump. And you should be very careful to check out for this issue on and off in order to make it sure that the pump doesn’t lose its lubricant and work perfectly.
  5. Continuous usage of Liberty sum pumpcan cause thermal overload relay problems.


All mechanical machines require proper usage and maintenance and if used properly, the Liberty sump pump is a great choice for de-watering your basements or pools. Its single piece cast iron body, mechanical vortex impeller and a multi-level float switch gives it an edge over other sump pumps in the market.


Sky is the limit when you are considering the varieties available in the sump pumps fraternity. First, you have to be sure about the type of sump pump according to your needs and preferences and then it comes to the main features which are present in the system. There are plenty of them and you have to find out the best one which suits your needs and has got the potential of serving you flawlessly for at least a decade if not more. The 1/ 6 Horsepower system from Liberty Pumps manufacturer is a submersible type which has got the capability of serving a lot of domestic water pumping needs with ease. It is a relatively newer option in the market, but the online reviews about this product are quite excellent from everyone who has used the system.


The sump pump has got some really amazing and cool features to please the homeowners and also give them the peace of mind if they go on with purchasing this system for their needs. It has a useful thermoplastic body which is known not only for protecting the product from corrosion, but also resist the unit from any kind of impact or stress. The motor has a 1/ 6 Horsepower capacity and there is a discharge pump hose of 3/ 4 inch. The 8 feet power cord is there for easy access and control of the system. There is also a removable filter screen which also has its perks in the maintenance concerns of the product. The manufacturer also equipped it with the mechanism of giving a thermal overload protection.


The system has an enormous list of the pros which are given as follows:

  • The system is very easy to clean and maintain which is something that every homeowner looks for. It has a removable bottom filter which can be very convenient in cleaning and will also increase the productivity if you are regular about such cleaning tasks. The manufacturer has designed a self cleaning trash type of an impeller design which further complements the ease and convenience in maintenance/ cleaning.
  • The 8 feet long power cord is good enough to get access and control of the equipment in any type of domestic installation. You can use it easily at your place reaching to every limit where you need to help you out in pumping out water.
  • The users will have the peace of mind with its thermoplastic built which is stress free and also non corrosion. It would last and work longer as compared to the other that are made of metal body because there would be no destruction cause to the body of the pump while stying constantly damp or water filled places. It will not get corroded or damaged and would be ale to stand out for you and serve for long terms.
  • It comes with a 2 years warranty as well which will give you the confidence to make an easy purchase of this affordable product.
  • It weighs 16.9 pounds which is light enough for easy portability.


There are a few cons which are given as follows:

  • It is a very limited system with a motor of just 1/ 6 HP and that wouldn’t be useful for some serious domestic water pumping from the basement. So if you need a heavy duty pump, then you may have to consider another option as it would not be able to help in working for heavy water removals and may leave you in trouble.
  • There isn’t any ON/ OFF switch with the system and the users have to plug in and out the cord each time they have to use it which can be very frustrating and time consuming. It can also be a hassle for those who are very conscious about the safety issues and may need safer solution to their water oumping needs.


The sump pump is useful for limited needs and the price is well in accordance with its features. The issue is with its limited motor size and there is not ON/ OFF switch on the power cord for easy control access of the equipment.


The sump pumps are available in a number of different types but the pedestal sump pump is the best option particularly for limited domestic use. The Little Giant VS-P2800 is a top option in a number of ways for the users. It has all the top features that one would look in for a high quality sump pump system for domestic use. The overall value with its affordable price makes it one of the finest systems to invest in your hard earned money. The system is powerful enough to be used for moderate commercial duty as well. It is a reliable system which you can trust to serve your seamlessly without having any issues where a discontinuity in its operation could cause a trouble. Keeping in mind that it has features that would inspire you to buy it and also has some points to be taken care of. You can get a clear idea after going through the details and it would help you decide and buy this one for you.


The features of this incredible Little Giant VS-P2800 sump pump are very much attention grabbing with a lot of value, advantage and comfort for the user. This one has a 1/ 3 Horsepower motor which is powerful enough to chuck out 47 gallons of water within a minute at 3 feet of head. It is a 115 Volt system that operates at a frequency of 60Hz.

The manufacturer has given top consideration on its designing and performance where this one offers continuous performance with no discontinuity issues reported at all. The ABS plastic volute is used to provide this sump pump with a totally corrosion free material which will add to your peace of mind. The manufacturer has also provided with an adjustable and highly productive snap action float switch to handle it with ease and convenience.

These features make this sump pump a good one for those who need to pump out the water quickly in huge amounts. It’s very affordable and would be a great buy for those who need an affordable and cheap solution for their water pumping needs.


This sump pump from little giant has got quite a few advantages and positives which will highly impress the potential buyer to invest in. The following are some of the top positives and pros of this quality sump pump system:

  • The people demand such systems to be powerful which can easily look after all their water pumping needs with ease. It comes with a powerful 1/ 3 Horsepower motor which can easily look after the domestic needs and can also be used for moderate commercial use.
  • The water chucking capacity is an important feature to consider and this one will chuck at the rate of 47 GPM.
  • It can be easily used as your primary source and can work on continuous basis.
  • This pedestal type is easy to install and troubleshoot. You can control it with ease using the flexible snap action float switch.
  • The ABS plastic volute would make it completely free from corrosion. It is again a special consideration after determining the nature of the job and positioning of your sump pump in the basement.


It has just the following couple of cons:

  • The motor seems to be a bit unreliable where there are doubts if it will last long or not. So if you are looking for long lasting and sturdy sump pump, then it would not be a good choice for you. It may lead you towards confusion and uncertainty regarding the durability of the sump pump.

The system with its unreliability is hard to trust when you are away from home and there is a possibility of electric failure. And due to this issue you may not be able to rely on the sump pump  when you have to stay out of your home frequently. It would lead you towards loss of your money.


Thus sump pump from Little Giant has got excellent water chucking capability and comes with a good strong moor as well. The system is easy to install and use with convenience in its troubleshooting as well.


The sump pump is an ideal thing to have at home to keep it protected from flooded basement issues. They are available I a number of different types where each offers some special properties to the homeowner. The one special type is submersible which is preferred for its applicability and adaptability in a number of cases. The submersible type from sump pump is a good and a high quality option which will serve you flawlessly over a good number of years.

There are many special properties which will make it a unanimous choice for many prospective buyers who are looking for a suitable system according to their needs. The users should also first evaluate that whether the system chosen would suit their needs or not. Then only they should consider buying this product with the exclusive price smashing offers and deals to avail for this affordable sump pump.


The sump pump from Red Lion is a great treat to have especially after considering its streamline features. To start with it is super light weight equipment which is fairly convenient for portability. The tool can be used to work at an excellent rate of throwing out 1500 gallons of water per hour. The motor has the power of 1/ 4 horsepower with 115 Volt. The built of the system is of aluminum which is not only strong, but corrosion resistant as well. The filter screen that comes along with the unit is removable for easy maintenance of the system overall. You will have the ease of sing the system with a useful 3/ 4 inch garden hose adaptor that comes as a package with this sump pump. The maintenance is super easy especially after considering its oil free motor design which is the best thing that people look for in such pumps.


There are a number of useful pros associated with this Red Lion submersible sump pump as follows:

  • Convenience is there for the homeowners as it is a very light weight sump pump and that means it is ideal in portability matters. It would be agreat buy for peopl
  • The nature of the job is to deal with water continuously so the built has to be excellent. The system is built from aluminum material which is strong, long lasting ad also it is resistant to corrosion.
  • Maintenance is always one of the few important things in mind for the homeowners when they are looking to invest in any of such systems. The maintenance is super easy as it is an oil free motor design. The filter screen is also removable which further adds to the quality and usefulness of the equipment.
  • You will have the peace of mind with its useful 3 year warranty of parts and service. The product comes with a sufficient warranty time period where you can feel easy to continue using it for a long time. In case you find any issue regarding its performance or working, you can contact the support team for help. The warranty covers any issue or technical faults that are not caused by any accident or wrong handling rather it cover technical faults that are there and come under the responsibility of the manufacturer.


The following are its most notable cons:

  • The 1/ 4 horsepower motor makes it less suitable for looking after high scale water pumping tasks even in the domestic settings.
  • The installation of this submersible type is not that easy as compared with the other systems. This also raises issues at times when some troubleshooting needs to be done.


It is a useful system for limited domestic needs and is ideal with its light weight design and aluminum type used in the construction. The downside of the equipment is its difficulty in installation and maintenance. You may find it useful enough for your water pumping needs and it will definitely serve you for a long time without getting you too many troubles. But you will have to get yourself familiar with the system and its technical aspects in order to keep it running smoothly and without any issues easily and effectively for better performance.

As the name suggests, a sump pump is the pump used to remove water from sumps usually found at the basement of the house.  It serves to keep the basement and foundations of the house dry to prevent seepage which not only damages the building, but even the repair work may turn out to be very costly.  The issue is very common in houses where the water table lies above the foundation of the house or in areas which have heavy rainfall. It also becomes very vital when the snow begins to melt and there is a chance of flooding. Its main job is to pull the water out of the pit at the basement of your house and drain it to the garden or any other area away from the house.

A sump pump may sit in your house for a long period of time, unused and untouched; but when you need it, you need it immediately. Though it does not need a very high level of care and repair, it is better to keep it in checked and maintained to avoid any hassle later. Here are a few things that need to be taken care of:

1. Check the power cord:

It is safer to check the power supply for the pump when t is not in use. Make sure the power supply is working properly and the cord is in adequate condition. Reset the GFCI and Do check the circuit breaker every once in a while for proper functioning. It would be helpful for safe work with your machine and better for both you and your set up also.

2. Make sure it is properly fixed:

Too much use over a certain period of time may cause the shaft to tilt or move from its original position. Make sure it is set in its upright position, and fix immediately if not. Because whenever  a sump pump is not properly fixed or has a fault in placement or has a drifting place then it could be dangerous as well as disturbing for the functionality as well as the efficiency of the sump pump. Correct installation and placement are the basics of making a sump pump work at its best.

3. Checking the float valve:

A float valve is the key component of a sump pump.  In automatic sump pumps, the float determines when the pimp is switched on/off. As the water in the pit rises and touches the float, it turns the pump on to drain the water out of the pit. Every so often, pour water in the pit to make sure that the float starts automatically and shuts off when this water is drawn off. If it does, well and good, and if it does not, get it mended.

4. Lubrication of its parts:

Do check the pump bearings if they require any lubrication and oiling. Your user’s manual will give you adequate information about your specific model.

5. Cleaning the pit:

The soil, mud and debris from the water is the major cause of clogging and faulty floats. The problem is far greater in areas which have heavy rainfall and there is a greater probability of floods.  The excess amount of trash may greatly affect the efficiency of the pump. So, it needs to be cleaned regularly, especially when the pump is in continuous use.  Cleaning the pump would result into increased efficiency through eliminating any debris or scales and also if there is muddy water to be pumped you should be cleaning it regularly.

6. Servicing the pump:

It is greatly suggested to remove the pump from the sump at least once in a year and get it cleaned thoroughly, so it can last for longer years.  Through this practice your sump pump would serve you long terms without getting you into too many hassles and would be more efficient as its power would get lost with the passage of time.

7. Cleaning the screen and the impeller:

If you find the pump does not working properly, check it for any debris stuck inside the impeller. Remove the pump and disassemble it and clean the impeller and fix it again.

All these tips may help to give your pump a longer life and your house a better safety.


If you want to do any good for the safety of your house in terms of its vulnerability to rainy water penetrating in the basement of your house then make sure that you have a high quality sump pump installed. There are a variety of such systems available where all offer some different features to the homeowners. The Superior Pump 1/ 3 HP Cast Iron Pedestal Sump Pump is one of the finest option you have. It is a heavy duty system made from cast iron and has all the main features that you wish to see in a high quality and top performing sump pump system. The affordability factor is also there and the quality is good enough to serve you for a good number of years with ease.

The most prominent features of this sump pump system

There are a number of quality features inculcated in this product which are given as follows:

  • It comes with a reasonably resourceful 1/ 3 HP motor. This motor helps the user to remove the extra water without getting into any hassles. The motor has the ability to provide consistent performance no matter how long you use it until you get all work done.
  • The water pump capability of the system is up to 50 gallons. And it would help you drain out as much water  as you need, without wasting a lot of time.
  • The base of the system is manufactured using cast iron. It makes the pump even more reliable and sturdy for a long time service.
  • It has a perfect drive shaft, that is made from stainless steel material along with a metallic switch arm. It’s good to have this feature as it will make the pump work correctly.
  • It comes with a 10 foot long cord.

The positives about the system

There are plenty of pros associated with this sump pump that make it a best choice for users. Have a look onto the features that are mentioned below:

  • Any sump pump performance with consistency is dependent on the material used for its manufacturing. This one comes with a solid cast iron base. The drive shaft which is a critical component is manufactured from durable stainless steel. It’s a great feature making it very sturdy and efficient to serve you at best.
  • The pedestal type of this sump pump is very easy to install, maintain and troubleshoot. It isn’t too deeply installed and you have the luxury of accessing it with ease for any purpose. You can easily check, manage or make necessary settings.
  • The 1/ 3 Horsepower motor is strong and good enough to chuck out about 50 gallons of water per minute. You would rarely need a system giving better capacity for your domestic use even if you have live in a very low elevated, rainy or snowfall area.
  • The convenience is there in terms of its installation and ease of use when you consider its 10 feet long cord that comes along with the equipment.
  • The heavy duty motor with a 1 ½ inch of discharge would allow for consistent and optimal flow of water.

 The negatives

The following are the major negatives which are questionable for some potential buyers:

  • The control ON/ Off switch on the unit might not be accessible due to the height or congested sump at your house.
  • The check valve of the system might not be easy to locate for the first timers which question the ease of use of this system. So it may require some practice, knowledge or a person’s help who has used this pump befire and can help you locate it easily.


This one altogether is a quality sump pump with nice sturdy built of cast iron along with stainless steel drive shaft. The 1/ 3 HP motor can pump 50 gallons of water per minute. There aren’t many negatives to talk about except of some inconvenience factors.  It’s a perfect sum pump to help you remove water from commercial building or residential places. It would not leave you in trouble and would get the water problem solved within minutes.

Superior pump specializes In building light duty residential and commercial pumps. Founded in 1999, superior pump has an extensive history of plumbing experience and they are known for producing high quality at a reasonable price. Superior pumps are considered to be one of the most durable pumps in the market.

The features

The Superior pump 92330 model is a submersible pump with a pumping capacity of 40 gallons per minute. Superior pump is listed under the American UL standards of safety and protection. The body of the pump is made from thermoplastic that is corrosion resistant and the automatic float switch takes care of the on/off functions of the pump.

Whenever the water level rises beyond a certain point, the float switch turns on the pump automatically. The overall function of the pump doesn’t take up too much energy; the motor is powerful but works on 1/3 HP and 4.1 amps of current. This superior pump also has a suction screen at the bottom, which sucks out as much as 1/8th inch of water from the floor and keeps your basement safe from moisture and humidity. Some of the key features of this pump are discussed below:

  1. The pump operates on 1/3 HP Split capacitor motor.
  2. A cooling motor operating at 115V ensures continuous function of the pump.
  3. Pump works in a vertical motion and can lift water up to 25’ inches.
  4. The grounded cord length is 10’.
  5. This pump can also operate as a utility pump by removing the float switch.

The Superior pump group is known for producing high quality sump pumps with outclass functionality. The thermoplastic structure of this sump pump, tethered switch, the high capacity and energy efficient motor ,auto pump functionality, and a large discharge size of up to 1-1/4’ makes a great combination of sump pump for your basement. The manufacturer also offers a warranty of up to 1 year.


This sump pump has been used by a number of people and it has some great reviews on Amazon.  Most people have agreed that this sump pump came as a life saver during the spring and rainy season.

  1. The pump does not make a noise while operating. So it would be a great choice for those who need a quiet operating system that serves with great efficiency without any hassle.
  2. It is easy to install and operate and would not be a problem to install even by a person who is not an expert.
  3. The automatic float switch ensures that the pump doesn’t burn out. This feature would help you to save your money as you will never be in danger of losing your sump pump due to burn out issue.
  4. The pump is very efficient and it can pump out 7,500 gallons of water in about 3 hours.
  5. It is a multi-purpose pump and if you remove the float switch, it can be used other than the sump pit as well.
  6. It is economical and energy efficient. You can expect a very convenient and energy saving functioning using this one.


All functional machines come with some drawbacks and loopholes as well. Some of the loopholes found with superior pump are:

  1. The float switch doesn’t work properly sometimes, and you must keep an eye for it on rainy days. Though it is not an issue in dry season, but could be an issue in areas where there is frequent raining sessions.
  2. It is not very durable and runs out after 1.5 years or so.
  3. The user’s manual is not very well written and some directions are missing.
  4. The float is placed too high and it only starts working when the pump is fully submersed in water.

The superior pump 923301 is an advanced functionality sump pump and if installed properly, it can work efficiently and powerfully. It has a great pumping capacity and it can pump as low as 1/4th of an inch. All you have to do is to keep an eye on the float switch and make sure that it is not obstructed by anything. Overall it’s a great sump pump for your water pumping needs.


The Sump Pumps are particularly designed to help your property from getting flooded with the rain or snow water that can seep underneath your house or in the basement. You are at high risk if your house is at a lower elevation or if you are living in a very wet area or where it snows a lot. Even if these conditions are not there, then still it is better to install such a system in your basement for added security and preventive reasons. The 1/ 2 Horse Power sump pump from Wayne is an excellent option that you have on offer. It is a powerful option with good capacity to chuck out the unwanted water from your basement.

Features that matters

The following are the most prime features of this Wayne sump pump which are worthy of mentioning here:

  • It is categorized as the pedestal type of sump pump hence it has a stand on which its placed for placed where you can’t use other types easily.
  • The system generates power equivalent to 1/ 2 HP along with 115 volts.
  • The FPT discharge point is 1-1/ 2 inch which is reasonable enough for quick and a steady flow of water.
  • The pit diameter is 12 inches, which again is a quality measurement. It’s a great feature if you need a high level suction and maximum water handling.
  • The ON/ OFF levels of the system are fully adjustable.
  • The cord length of the system is 7 feet.

The main advantages that you will get from the system

There are a number of top advantages associated with the system which are explained below for your convenience:

  • People look for the power capability of the system which determines the performance of such system for pumping out the power. This one has a capacity of 1/ 2 HP which is quite resourceful to pump out a good amount of water in quick time. You will find it very efficient in pumping out water in heavy amounts easily, quickly and efficiently.
  • As it is a pedestal sump pump so the installation of the system is fairly simple. You will have easy access to the system as it is not too deeply installed in the sump pit. Repairing and maintenance of this option is also fairly simple.
  • The volume of water that a system can chuck out in an hour is the most pivotal consideration when someone is looking for the installation of such system. This one has the ability to pump out 4500 gallons of water per hour.
  • Convenience of the system is there where you have the liberty of controlling or adjusting the ON/ OFF levels very conveniently. It’s very easy to use and handle.
  • The pit diameter size is the one which determines the amount of flow of water from the pump. This one comes with a 12 inch diameter, which is quite handy for domestic purposes and would be helpful for easy suction of water.


The following are its limitations:

  • The float switch metal arm is quite flimsy and vulnerable to easy break. So you should be very careful in using it in order to be problem free. Otherwise a broken float witch may lead to harm the sump pump and also may not serve you the way you need it.
  • The packaging it comes in is a bit lousy where it isn’t firmly placed and rolls a lot which may cause damage upon arrival. You may get some parts loosened or damaged if it is not carried with care.


The pedestal type sump pump is always a good option for limited domestic needs. It is quite resourceful with its 1/ 2 HP motor and 12 inch pit diameter. The switch metal arm which is an essential component is vulnerable to easy break due to its flimsy material. Still, if you need a  sump pump that would serve you for a long time, then you can get this one. It will help you achieve your suction goal much better without getting you into lots of troubles.